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I’ve seen this reported this morning concerning the new FFP proposals, apparently called ‘Fair Play 2.0’. These are to be debated tomorrow I believe.

Essentially they bar clubs from exceeding a negative net spend limit of €100m per season, substantially impacting the transfer policy of the European Superclubs. In addition they also plan to limit the maximum squad size to 25 players which would majorly impact clubs like Chelski and Citeh from having huge volumes of youngsters on loan.

Difficult to see how UEFA can shoe horn this in without upsetting the super clubs big time and potentially bringing their breakaway from UEFA closer.

More deets here:


Martial? What on earth is all the fuss about?

From what I’ve seen, he routinely runs into dead-ends and blasts shots into Row Z.  His crossing is worse than Kyle’s was (at his worst).

Now, I’m fully aware that Mourinho is The Talent Destroyer™️.  He couldn’t be worse at developing young players if he tried, which he doesn’t.

So is Martial a confidence player who’s wilted under the challenge set to him by The Surly One?  If so, I’d say he might not have the minerals to make it in the big time, full stop.

He can dribble a bit and has good feet, but his decision-making has been poor when he’s got into dangerous positions.  Frankly, I’d rather see Lucas Moura given a lot more of an opportunity and save the cash.  And that’s not a sleight on Moura, I think he looks like he could be a gem.

Martial?  Not for me, fanks.



Hola Flat Oeufers

I trust you’ve got over the excitement?  It was quite a special day, wasn’t it?  Certainly one that will last long in my memory.  I’m talking of course about the long-awaited final commencement of the decline and fall of Jose ‘Chewing a Wasp’ Mourinho.  Well, we can hope anyway.

I thought it would be interesting over the coming months to kick off a series of Player Reviews…nothing too exacting necessarily, just a snapshot as to where we see a player in his current development, value and meaning to the team and, perhaps what the future holds.

So Harry Kane, HK10, Kaneinho, OneofOurOwn.

He’s bloody brilliant, eh?  You can’t fault him.  30 goals this season, an improvement on his 29 last year (although in 7 more games).  He scored 7 goals in the CL which, considering the opposition, is a great return.

Harry scored 0.81 goals per match as opposed to Salah’s 0.67.

His shooting accuracy was 41%, whereas Salah’s was 44%

But…..but……one Stat that really stood out for me is Assists:  2   (Salah had 11)

We all know a Striker has to have a selfish streak, but this is one area of his game that he needs to improve.  The sight of Dier (!) throwing his hands up as Kaneinho tried to Cruyff that Leicester defender instead of simply squaring the ball to a better placed teammate (there were others) was emblematic of something we’ve seen quite a few times this season…a tunnel vision that at times damages the team’s chances of scoring important goals.

As to the future for this ‘Spurs man through and through’, I believe we have at least 2 more seasons to start winning things before HK might start to consider whether he may have to move to fulfil all his ambitions.

But what do you think of him?  Am I being over-critical, or is this a flaw that needs ironing out?

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Toby or not Toby? That is the question.

I should preface this ramble by saying that nothing you are about to (hopefully) read is based on fact. Continue at your own risk.

Toby Alderweireld is, apparently, on (a measly) £50,000 a week. Levy. What a b*stard, eh? Well no, actually. First of all, Alderweireld was clearly happy to agree to those terms at the time he signed his contract. No one put a gun to his head. But why shouldn’t he have been happy? The club has clearly demonstrated (in the cases of Kane and Alli) that if your performances merit it, existing terms can (and will) be improved on a regular basis. If he could have matched the levels of performance displayed by the two players I’ve mentioned there’s every reason to expect he would have received similar treatment.

But the bottom line is that, in this fan’s eyes, Toby Alderweireld has had just one really good year at Tottenham. The season before last his displays (coupled with a lengthy injury absence) fell some way short of his debut year. Last season (the one just finished) he took another step backwards (not helped, again, by another lengthy injury). On the final day of the season he was part of a defence that shipped four goals. To Leicester.

If the latest story is to be believed he has rejected a new contract worth £120,000 a week. This would have given him parity status with all the top defenders in the league (bar van Dijk, who is, apparently, on truly obscene money). He has therefore been offered at the very least the “going rate” for a player of his ability and he has said “no”.

When, some time before the end of last season, Kyle Walker informed the club of his decision to leave, he was effectively taken off first-team duties and Kieran Tripper was promoted to take his place. The argument put forward here was “if you don’t want to be part of our future you have no place in our present”. It’s a bold approach and one which I unreservedly applaud (helped, admittedly in Alderweireld’s case, by our having Sanchez and the extremely promising Foyth on our books).

It’s looking increasingly likely that Toby Alderweireld wants no part of our future. Therefore, in my view, the club has little option but to cash in on him while they still can. I genuinely don’t think he’ll be missed as much as people seem to think he will be.

FoF’s Guest Bloeug


An(nu)al Review
It’s that time of year again when we’re all checking into New Snow, desperately waiting for Poch’s pen to paper, confirmation on Kovacic, terrific news on Tobes. Before we all fall headlong into harm, I’d like to offer my assessment of the season, if only to delay the pain for a few minutes.
Wembley, bloody Wembley. Unmitigated disaster, they said. Will cost us a Champions League spot, they said. Cup final for every visiting team, they said. It’s a 16 hour walk from the nearest tube station, they said.
There’s no doubt that it had an effect, especially early doors, but we soon found our feet and it became a home from home. Or maybe a holiday home, like a timeshare you invested in because you got free tickets to Disneyworld, but then only used for the first few years and spent the next 23 years paying for the privilege.
Stats suggest we didn’t cope quite as well:
2016/17- Won 17, Drew 2, Lost 0, Goals for 47, Goals against 9, Points 53
2017/18- Won 13, Drew 4, Lost 2, Goals for 40, Goals against 16, Points 43
Quite a difference in fortunes, whether that is all down to the Wembley factor, or possibly our form/bedding in new players/injuries/form of other teams, I couldn’t honestly say. Maybe a bit of all of the above.
There wasn’t too much in it, comparing our away form:
2016/17- Won 9, Drew 6, Lost 4, Goals for 39, Goals against 17, Points 33
2017/18- Won 10, Drew 4, Lost 5, Goals for 34, Goals against 30, Points 34
So overall in the league, compared to last season, we were 9 points worse off, 12 goals scored down, and conceded 20 goals more.
Champions League though, eh chaps? Group of death. It’ll be an embarrassment. We’ll be lucky to finish 3rd.
No, we bloody well arrived.
Group stages:
2016/17- Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 3, Goals for 6, Goals against 6, Points 7
2017/18- Won 5, Drew 1, Lost 0, Goals for 15, Goals against 4, points 16
The dramatic improvement was all the more impressive, considering the opponents. 9 points better off, up 9 goals, conceded 2 goals less.
In the League Cup, we achieved the same in both seasons, losing to Liverpool in 16/17, and West Ham in 17/18. That West Ham defeat stung, for sure.
We fared better in the FA Cup, going out in the 5th round to Crystal Palace in 16/17, and losing to Manure in the 17/18 semi-final.
So what is my conclusion?
I’m relatively happy. There’s no doubt that we didn’t reach the same heights in the league as last year, but the CL more than made up for it, for me. Looking at the above stats, it’s clear that in the league we conceded too many goals. We went from the best defence, to the 3rd best defence. Kyle Walker, brainfarts and all, was for me a big loss, as was having Tobes missing for a good portion of the season. Love Sanchez, he’s got some mistakes in him, but I have no doubt he’ll prove to be one of the signings of the decade. It would have been nice to bed him in slowly rather than him being a near ever-present.
No trophies, of course (in case anyone hadn’t noticed), and I firmly believe that the losses to Juve and Manure really hurt Poch and the players. I think they believed they could win both the CL and the FA Cup, as did I, and I think this had an impact on our end of season form.
I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about the trophies, of course I do, we all want success for our club. But honestly, football for me is about moments and memories, and we’ve had our fair share of them this season.
Making the all conquering Liverpool look rather silly at Wembley.
Wanyama’s goal and the controversy around Kane’s penalty at the return game at Anfield (speshley the reaction from Pooh fans).
Winning at the Bridge for the first time in Tony Adams years.
Leicester game, meeting up with the guys beforehand, and me and Cas shaking each other quite vigorously when Kane scored the winner. I love a vigorous shake.
All the CL games, but especially that night at Wembley against Madrid, which I will cherish forever.

Interesting window shaping up

With the season barely just finished, obviously it’s far too early to start speculating on who might be leaving….but what the hell.

Reading some of the comments in the last 48 hrs (Poch and others), the summit with Uncle Joe and DL…I think it’s shaping up to be quite an exciting summer.

Some random guesses, based on the mood music:

Rose: Staying

Dembele: Leaving

Toby: Staying, maybe, after all?

Llorente: Leaving

If we get Toby and Rosey firing for next season, it’ll be like 2 new signings!


Levy has done things a little differently these last 2 windows:

  1.  €40m odd for a Centre Back?  Fakinel.
  2.  Spending some dough on a player we needed in January?  Cor.


I’m going to stick my neck out and say that I think we will have a decent +ve Net Spend this summer.  I know, I know…I’m deluded, right?

Well, we can always just jump out if it gets too much.