More Dare or More Do, Please

Just a short(ish) one today as there are rumours the game against Fulham this afternoon is going to be postponed due to COVID-19, joining Manchester City’s game against Everton in falling by the wayside. There’s also talk of the Premier League being suspended for a couple of weeks as cases spike across the UK. Time will tell, and I’m sure everyone will do what is best for the integrity of the competition and the players’ safety without clubs’ own best interests or money featuring in decision making at all.

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Spurs: The Pretenders’ Pretender?

As with most Christmases for many people, it’s been a massive disappointment following Spurs these past few games: Since deservedly holding us to a low-scoring draw, Palace have failed to score and shipped ten goals in two games – two of which were conceded while playing against ten men for 45 minutes – Liverpool have enjoyed their usual slice of last minute good fortune to send us packing with nothing and then had a right old romp against the team we’d failed to beat the previous weekend, and we then slipped on the clown-shoes for Leicester’s visit last Sunday, a game which made me wonder if anything Spurs-wise has actually changed across these last twelve tumultuous months.

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Time To…

Whether you’re adamant the result against Palace is two crucial points dropped or one crucial point gained, at least Liverpool’s stutter against Fulham means the nightmare scenario of last season’s runaway champions opening up a five point gap at the top of the table with a win tonight having already been to Stamford Bridge, Goodison Park and The Etihad has been avoided/postponed.

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Au Palias

That dreaded word ‘pivotal’ just won’t leave us alone at the moment, with the potential importance of well won points against Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal under threat from what, on paper, looked as if it would be our easiest Premier League fixture this side of Christmas way back in early November, when we first topped the table after beating West Brom.

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It’s No Loss or Draw Day

Thursday’s Tottenham & Arteta’s Arse

I’ll keep this one brief, as no one ever seems to have the stomach for being on the bloeug all that much pre an NLD, let alone reading my ramblings about what might or might not happen, but we’ve not got too bad a record at home against Arsenal in the ENIC era, having faced them 23 times and only lost five.

Across the more recent past, it’s been six years and one Tim Sherwood since our wandering enemies from Woolwich last won three points in any part of North London we’ve called home.

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It’s Not So Bad, It’s Not So Bad…

What to make of that, then? Yet another sequence of three matches in seven days, one good performance resulting in a good win in Europe, one poor performance resulting in a vital win in the Premier League, and one poor performance resulting in a defeat that, in the great scheme of trying to win the Europa, really shouldn’t matter at all.

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The Mad World of Jose Mourinho’s Spurs

If it wasn’t for twelve pesky minutes, what a promising week that would have been.

Even those twelve pesky minutes weren’t completely devoid of excuses – I felt Bale should have had a penalty for Yarmolenko’s double-handed shove without any attempt to play the ball as our returning Welsh-wonder burst through and looked as if he would make it 4-2 in injury time.

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As High as The Dare Walk

Feeder: High

Alongside occasional mullerings of Manchester United at Old Trafford (we did beat them 1-5 up there in 1959 and 1-4 in 1972, after all), one of the many things I love about being a Spurs fan is how quickly the mojo (jomo?) can change: Following that second-half performance against Everton on the opening day of the season and much of the first half against Southampton the following weekend, who’d have thought we’d have gone into the interlull having knocked Chelsea out of the Carabo, progressed to the group stages of the Europa, and dished out United’s joint heaviest ever Premier League defeat at Old Trafford?

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Mourinho Rhapsody

2020: The year of nostalgia for crowds.

After the disappointment of conceding such a ridiculous penalty so late on against Newcastle, I’d resigned myself to this being yet another miserable week spent supporting Spurs – a certain cup exit at home against Chelsea ahead of a banana skin of a tie against Maccabi filling me with that age-old sense of Spursy impending doom.

So all in all, it’s got to be said, this week has been a pleasant surprise results wise.

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The Longish Bloeug Goodbye to This Longest of Seasons

Although I’m the first to admit that parts of this season have felt about as interesting as watching Blur fall asleep, there’s an element of frustration that we face our final game just as Mourinho seems to have found a way to make the most of the talent at our disposal. Continue reading “The Longish Bloeug Goodbye to This Longest of Seasons”

A Trophy, A Trophy, My Kingdom For a…

Our penultimate game, then, and it’s nice that CL football is still to be fought for by at least one participant.

Personally, I’d rather Leicester and Chelsea were the two teams who secured it:  We’ve already seen with Chelsea through Ziyech and Werner that they’re going to spend money no matter what, and we’ve seen with Leicester through the sale of Kante after their title-winning season, Maguire last summer, and talk of Chilwell heading off this time around, that they’re likely to lose players to ‘elite’ clubs no matter what. Continue reading “A Trophy, A Trophy, My Kingdom For a…”

It’s The Woolwich…


The stats make dispiriting reading:  62% possession but zero shots on target away to lowly Bournemouth; despite the heroics of this squad nearly achieving so very much last season, this sort of performance really doesn’t bode well for Jose Mourinho Mauricio Pochettino or suggest Spurs will achieve anything special ever again through the rest of 16/17. Continue reading “It’s The Woolwich…”