Let it flow let it flow let it flow …

This just in from someone:
I mean really is there anything better than watching your team jiving with the ball, in sync with the footie Gods?
The 6th goal epitomized the best of us without a sniff from the opposition in a glorious paradigm of our talent Kane on the end if a total team effort
I wouldn’t call it a shaky start but it wasn’t the best as we gave the werthers some opportunities to hurt us but it wasn’t long before we took control. We werthered the 30 second storm though and then took off….
Sissoko moving the ball out of defence with his usual power and into the final third was always good and seeing so many of his quality teammates buzzing around looking for the ball was exciting as you knew most were on especially as the game moved along.
Son looked right on, Dele in control, Eriksen, Kane… They were all showing up everywhere to the point that we ultimately looked like we had double the players Everton had. It was like water… It Flowed everywhere.
Trippier started a bit iffy but then hit a wonderful free kick…. Eriksen a sensational goal from a nice ball from Kane. It was all tremendous stuff enjoyed by all who truly love Tottenham. 6 beauties.
Flow is constant symmetry. The understanding and chemistry of players working together to create something of beauty that ends up with a result. The score is merely a marker.
Flow. It shakes the heart and soul.
We achieved such a height in this one. It’s something I cherished from the early 60’s and have waited for.
Guess who?

I like Merrance … and I like RonWol, but which one’s the best? There’s only one way to find out … Two dinosaurs lock horns in a battle to … the Zimmer frame!

Merrance says:

I am thoroughly cheesed off with interlull cant be arsed to watch the USA friendly while hoping our boys dont get crocked,Football saturation with meaningless games.By the time we play blue scum on the 24th we will have missed 7-8 weeks of stop start prem .No flow eh Ronwol,how can there be flow when players are thrown out of wack and teams have to be patched up etc. Teams will be throwing cup games to avoid fixture congestion.What a farce fifa and Uefa have contrived. stitched up the prem like a kipper. waiting for results spread over Friday to monday to see how to play and what tactics to use and players to pick according to the schedules.GAH AND PFFFT

But RonWol reckons:

You want real football where the players deal with tough schedules,difficult conditions and play with their hearts and souls. Its time for us not to whine,to get in there and win the struggle.This is an opportunity to heal our wounds and come back like the club we think we are. Blowing our own horns for centuries does nothing for the reality of life.We have to face the tasks thrown at us. Look at Sexy,he is ready.We all must be ready. The players have time for tattoos and silly haircuts,lets get focused and win one game at a time.
We throw away silly points with one game a week to mediocre teams. We ARE or we are NOT. Tottenham has to decide who it is. Davies playing shitty is not because of the schedule.
The one player we have to has given his all week in week out and is now winning his battle is a player most of the fans have hated….he fights every game both the outside and his own confidence.Now is not the time for moaning.Its the time to refocus and get to the task. No excuses. Just fucking do it.

Seconds out: Round 1!

Harry Kane: Is he really all that? SSG’s tribute.

Harry Kane. All he does is score shitloads of goals (left foot, right foot, head, and is the best penalty taker in the world), and assist, and hold the ball up, and win headers, and make flick-ons, and run the channels, and bring his teammate into play, and play defense splitting balls, and drop deep if needed, and defend and be the emergency keeper. Average player. One season wonder for the 4th season running.

Cogent Analcyst

What a disjointed game again… I dont get it…terrible passing again out of defence..its like nobody knows what to do with the ball….Sanchez that way again the biggest culprit. I mean how many passes does it take to get out of the first third???????
The Good,The Bad and the Ugly.
The Good certainly was Winks,he looked more mature than most and unlike most didnt look anxiety ridden. His passes were crisp and quick even if they werent earth shattering. I thought he was our best player.
Moura too had a go and showed brilliance in face of not having too many other players with the same kind of energy. He tried to beat one too many at times but what the hell most of the others were asleep.
Son was terrible. When he is bad he is bad.
Dier was ok in this one even without the goal. I also liked Roses energy,he has a go and is generally getting better even though . For me he owns the position now. Trippier wasnt so bad,but not so good either. His heady England days are gone for now.
Not having Eriksen or Dele hurt but i do think that Winks was
better than Dembele would have been as his game has gone down recently.
All in all we got 3 points but were much less than convincing. We looke closer to a mid table side even if Poch lauds our position.
I think he has to look at parts of his system as the problem. Its hard to see but our passing out of defence being mediocre the same week in week out has not been addressed by the genius,shows a sample of something he cant get right (or fails to see it at all)
70% possession gives us a false reading of our superiority if thats what you want to call it

Sexy Beast’s Cup Doth Not Runneth Over

To all those who’d rather win a League Cup or FA Cup then finish top four i hear you, sadly imo the domestic cups are not even close to a top four finish, (ask Willian) the best players want to play in the Champions League, thursday nights just don’t cut it, who watched the Arsenal or the Chelsea game this week? No one i’d guess, certainly not me!
If someone did a financial comparison of Spurs anual income compared to the others in the top six since the start of the Champions league era we would likely be hundreds and hundreds of millions behind Manure, Arse and Chelski, this inequality will take one hell of a long time to balance itself out and then you throw in the new Mothership and how much that will set us back financially this all points to a struggle for us to win something. However Pooch has demonstrated with a net spend of £15 million (this is truely remarkable) in his time at the helm that it is still possible to build a competitive side. Hoddle and Hargreaves are spot on, we are two top players away from being true challengers, Zaha this last window and a top Midfielder could have been the difference, fact is we just don’t know what went on in the transfer window, maybe Pooch has a very small pool of players that he targets and we just couldn’t get the clubs to part with them?
Who knows? I personally would rather finish 4th then win the League Cup if given a choice between the two, however i’d love to see us win a Cup and secure a top 4 place of course. Champions League is a legitimate target, we dominated both finalists last season don’t forget. We just need that bit of luck draw wise and the odd tight referee decision to go our way just like Liverpool had v City twice over two legs.
Last but not least we need to get into our new home, get our feet under the table and make it a fortress, this will be a game changer in the long run in so many ways.

Palate Cleanser from McG


I’ve taken the liberty of posting McG’s comment as a starter for ten. I hope that’s alright.

So who thinks Dembele shouldn’t start vs dips? I think playing Sanchez & not Dier was the major issue on Sunday. He’s a big game player & does raise his game. I’d like to see some more of winks, but not until he’s fully up to speed, & against some lesser sides first. Dembele to start against dips for me, should be nicely rested too.

Harry Hotspur’s ‘Big Reveal’!

I:’m calling this piece ‘A’ Big Reveal because it isn’t ‘The’ Big Reveal many of us have been threatened and/or promised with for several weeks now.
The privilege of making the ‘Big Reveal’ belongs to Harry ‘The Boy’ Hotspur. I say ‘Big Reveal’ but the threat of exposure which started out as a ‘Big Reveal’, was recently downgraded to ‘more of a humiliation than a reveal’ (something about me and a mate of mine having small willies), and is now (if Harry Hotspur’s dismissive response to recent ‘reveal’ is anything to go by) not even a humiliation, but just something very, very funny. Stick around for a bit longer and you may be lucky enough to witness Harry Hotspur open an old jam jar and release a one of my old farts into the atmosphere.
Those of you unlucky enough to have actually been caught up in the crossfire of this (presumably, ongoing (if Harry Hotspur’s dismissive response to recent ‘reveal’ is anything to go by)) unseemly dispute ostensibly between Flat Oeuf, Fat Bertha and The Boy will have been sent an email explaining ‘everything’ with ‘evidence’ about the ‘dispute’.
Before I go any further I will say this: has acted with patience, dignity and down-right decency throughout, in the face of sometimes extreme provocation, and I really hope Harry Hotspur will now leave him alone to enjoy growing The Flat Oeuf Society.
I will also say that I’m ashamed that I did not stand up for in anything like the way I should have. I mean that. Genuinely ashamed. It was cowardice on my part.
I have invited Harry Hotspur on a number of occasions to (do us all a favour and) make his ‘Big Reveal’, even on this site. I opened up the comments section to him. He posted under about four different screen names (verifiable) even though the comments were opened up to him. Guess what he said? Well, suffice to say it wasn’t the ‘Big Reveal’.
I announced on theboyhotspur.com that I’d be taking the summer off commenting there, simply because I couldn’t face another summer of the kind of ugly sh*t commenting that had become commonplace. For good form I emailed Harry Hotspur with the same message. He replied in a perfectly friendly and mildly humorous manner (verifiable). I fully intended to go back when the new season had begun.
In the meantime, started a new blog for the original small group of TBH posters who had met and made friends. I was invited on as an admin (yes, me!). I stepped aboard the good ship Flat Oeuf but didn’t actually ‘leave’ TBH.
When our new home was leaked to Harry Hotspur, for leaked it was, his public abuse of us began in earnest. Who remembers his exhortation to any dissenter from his personal views to “… join these cunts … “, or his allowing to stand on his blog a comment made by Aussi in Switzerland to the affect that we were paedophiles? Both of these are verifiable by screenshots taken at the time.
Of course, these tactics backfired and more of ‘his’ crowd joined ‘us’. Huzzah! People aren’t stupid you know. Bring the publicity on!
As you know, and as we counselled, if you were caught posting here your days were numbered there. Furthermore some of you now posting here were targeted by Harry Hotspur and promised the ‘Big Reveal’.
Ah, the ‘Big Reveal’. Once upon a time it was a reveal about the lying and duplicitous Fatty and Flatty. Now it seems to be something “very, very funny” about just me! That’s if Harry Hotspur’s dismissive response to a certain other persons own recent ‘reveal’ is anything to go by.
Yes. That’s right. Even after yesterday’s free, frank and fearless ‘reveal’ by Flatty, which should have put this whole nonsense to bed, Harry Hotspur is *still* threatening to expose me!
So, brace yourselves, here goes for A Big Reveal: On the morning of the 15 July 2018 I received an email from Harry Hotspur demanding that I take down a Twitter account which he said was parodying him. Further, he informed me that my DAD would be suspended from TBH until I did so (all verifiable). I had no idea what he was talking about: NONE.
15 July is me skin and blisters birthday and this year (serendipitously) me farver would be in the UK to celebrate it with us. Yay! I told him the news. He wasn’t angry, he was just very, very disappointed.
As it happens, there was a parody account on Twitter. One of the other admins (not Flatty) had to show me what Harry Hotspur was ranting about (verifiable). I sniggered a bit and said whoever put it up DON’T take it down (verifiable). In fact, you may assume that, unless otherwise stated, everything I claim here is verifiable.
So, not knowing anything about this Twitter parody account and thinking whoda funk is this guy to tell me what to do AND drag me innocent ol’ farver into things? I decided to see how easy it would be set a parody account up. It’s very easy. Here’s mine Twitter.com/TheBoyHotspurr. From the moment I set it up on 15 July it has sat there unused and forlorn. I though, let me prick his pomposity a bit, he can’t demand things of me about which I have no knowledge: how dare he?
Unbeknownst to me the owner of the ‘other’ parody account ‘group followed’ Harry Hotspur’s Twitter contacts and wholly inadvertently and completely innocently ‘followed’ Harry Hotspur’s wife and it had understandably put the willies up him. Neither of nor I had any idea that this had happened.
I KNOW action was an innocent mistake because I pointed it out to him and I had his reaction first-hand.
When Harry Hotspur made his initial demands to me about the Twitter account I had no connection with and had the gall to draw me farver into things, and after I set up the new parody account, I decided to have a scootch about the t’internet and see if I could discover ‘anything’ about this obnoxious and largely anonymous, threat-making chap.
Well, I could. It’s actually very easy to find out stuff about people without using any special software, machines or subterfuge of any kind, and without spending any money. EVERYTHING I ‘found’ is in the public domain and entirely accessible to any interested party.
I spoke to the other admins and told them what I’d found, including that I’d found a name which probably belonged to Harry Hotspurs wife/partner, but that I would not divulge any of it to anyone, although we refused to take down the Twitters. We all agreed that we would not resort to dragging third parties into any dispute we had. Remember, no-one knew at this point what is was that had so upset him.
Then Harry Hotspur chose to escalate his threats to me culminating in a threat to ‘expose’ my ‘dark behaviour’ to my employer if I didn’t take the Twitters down. So, in true Churchilian spirit and with the words of the Rev Ian Paisley’s “Never, never, never… “ resounding in my soul I redoubled my efforts to see behind Harry Hotspur’s wall of anonymity.
Late last Sunday night it occurred to me that, as I now had a Twitter account, I could scootch about on there for stuff. So I looked for the name that I’d earlier found and guess what I discovered? Only that Rupert’s parody account was ‘following’ Harry Hotspur’s wife’s Twitter.
My Twitter follows , and vice versa. Apparently when you look at someone’s Twitter and you have contacts in common an indication of this is shown on one’s screen
Well, I nearly shat my pance! Both Twitters have almost exactly the same avatars, so when I first saw what I thought was my Twitter following Harry Hotspur’s wife I thought I’d clicked a wrong button or done something stupid I wasn’t aware of. Of course, it wasn’t my Twitter, it was !
I contacted and asked how he’d found and followed Harry Hotspur’s wife’s Twitter. He was bemused and oblivious as to what he’d done.
I was in stitches. Oh, the wicked irony. What had Harry Hotspur brought upon himself?! Actually, nothing, because neither the Fat one or the Flat one would ever have targeted this individual: NEVER! That ain’t how we roll, baby. But, oh! what did Harry Hotspur *think* he’d brought on himself? Well, what ever he did think wouldn’t have lasted long because as soon as realised what had happened he ‘unfollowed’ Harry Hotspur ‘s wife and subsequently wrote to Harry Hotspur extending an apology to his wife for the genuine mistake and any upset it had caused.
He’s a class act that .
Both parody accounts, albeit largely unused, are still ‘up’.
So, Harry Hotspur dragged me farver into a dispute about which me farver knew nothing and carried out an abusive vendetta against me over a Twitter account I initially had no knowledge of and at no time had any control over.
None of the above has anything to do with the campaign of abuse Harry Hotspur has waged against . It is simply my entirely verifiable account of the last few weeks I’ve spent caught up in Harry Hotspur’s madness.
The ‘Big Reveal’, my ‘dark behaviour’, I suspect, is that Harry Hotspur thinks I targeted his wife on Twitter! When actually, my knowing his wife’s name has/should have brought all of this nonsense to a conclusion!
I’ve no idea whether or not he carried out his threats, probably not. I’ve spoken to the police who will take a statement from me if I wish to make one. I don’t at the moment. I’m hoping he’ll fade away and let us all get on with the fun we’re having on THE FLAT OEUF!



I’ve Lost That World Cup Feeling

Those of you whom have had the misfortune of reading any of the inane and largely pointless drivel I have inflicted upon the faithful readership of this and the ‘other place’ over the years may know two things about me:

① I’ve no interest in football, generally (outside of Spurs); and

② I’ve no interest in the World Cup (Internationals), particularly.

These statements are an accurate representation of my current position viz the beautiful game. But it wasn’t always like this. There was a time when the game of football held me in its thrall.

As we are in the middle of a World Cup finals right now, I will push club football to the side and share some of my memories of World Cups gone by.

I’m 48 years of age, which means that, including this WC, there have been twelve WC finals during my life-time (so far). Of these twelve only three have meant anything to me: ’82, ’86 and ’98.

Spain ’82 and Mexico ’86 occurred when I was at the height of my own playing powers; yes, that’s right, I peaked between the ages of 11 and 16. I completed missed Italia ’90 due to raves and bags of little white pills. By USA ’94 my life had changed beyond recognition and I was officially disconnected from the game. I rallied briefly for France ’98 but, alas, my love for the game was dead.

The truth is, I couldn’t tell you who the WC winners were, even in those years that I was engaged, but what I do remember, and this is the point of my post, are the myths and legends of the footballing demigods who graced the game with their outrageous skill and seemingly supernatural ability.

I was a little too young to appreciate the ’78 WC first hand, but I still remember the excitment I felt when I read about the Daniel Passarella and Mario Kempes WC final goal against the Dutch. Legends.

In ’82 I watched some of the games on our family’s first colour TV. Dad bought it from a neighbor ad it was already on the way out. The tube was shot so every game looked like it was played on Mars.

’82 was all about Brazil: Zico, Socrates, Eder, Falcao et al. Zico’s bicycle kick was something I practiced and practised and something I longed to do in a game. Watching that Brazil side play, and for me, Socrates’ slide rule passing filled me to bursting with excitement.

That side were beaten by Italy and Paolo Rossi, who had just returned from a ban for match fixing (?) and who went on to score six goals and win the Golden Boot.

’86 was all about Maradona, of course. And then there was Platini …

’98, for me, was Brazil’s Dunga, and France’s Zidane. I haven’t forgotten Ronaldo …

I’m tailing off as the weight of my Chinese meal begins to take effect and my interest wains…

No doubt there are other genuine WC legends that I’ve missed, some of whom may have played post ’98 and who may be able to excite the senses in the way my picks did for me.

Who are yours, and why?