Ronwoeul196061’s Bloeug. Oh yeah.

I wanted to write an article, pick a subject or a point and go for it and thought about it and realised that the most important situation in the Tottenham world is Poch bring forward this plan, this manifesto for Levy, on the last game of our season. A week later Poch and Levy had signed a deal that will keep Poch at Spurs till 2013.

I was really feeling that there was a kind on chaos happening. Is Poch staying and if he leaves will all the main players leave? What does that leave us with?  It seemed Poch had thrown the gauntlet down.

To be honest that wasn’t as much a shock as Levy and Poch both signing an agreement so quick after the demands (a little choreography perhaps?)

I started to write in true Ronglish fashion about the Argentinian wearing his bandana and offering a manifesto, that looked like a threat. But now wonder how long his conversation was with Levy. I mean Levy doesn’t seem the most approachable owner in the world. So I wonder what happened and how we can find some focus in all of this as we really don’t know what they are going to do. If they say we will find younger players and continue the project…we wonder well what is going to happen now. It makes sense to secure the future of all the players we want to keep but how can we improve now?

I ask myself did Poch sell out too cheap. I mean how much of a conversation could they have had? Until the agreement was announced there was a certain amount of anxiety about what was to be (and what was Toby too) and all we really know is that Poch and Levy seem to be on the same page.

Nothing is easy at Tottenham, not even an agreement.  Liverpool go out and buy a defender for 75 million.  They don’t have to create manifestos and public demand stuff.  They just do it.  Pep with so many creative players in his team thinks he is void a few.  He will go out and buy them.  Bale Schmale, if Mourinho wants him, he will go out and buy him.  New manager at Arse ok so here is a few bucks go out and buy what you need but we need manifestos.

What the hell did Levy and Poch talk about apart from Pochs wages and his time and his buy out clause etc.  Really we have no idea.  We do know that Levy doesn’t want to spend his own money, but he did spend all the Bale money like a drunken sailor in three minutes.  So he has got loose at times.


Here we are building the stadium.  Its a marquee of sorts and they could really do with a marquee signing.  Gareth Bale would do it no doubt.  Unleash the Turbo and it wouldn’t be easy to buy any ticket for a game.  That’s the marquee.  But does Poch really want that.  Bale is 28 years old, even at cut price would cost a fortune, even wages cut would cost a fortune. But marquee players don’t come cheap at the best of times.  And this would be one that we know has been successful with us and without us.  So go for it.

But we have more shoes to fill.  I think a CM is about as big as they come.  A player who can meld the defence with attack and can guide us and dictate our next move.  We see Modric do it.  Can Eriksen do that?  He may be on the fringes of it as this season I’ve seen him really start controlling the ball for more than a highlight shot and now proactive in passing instead of the sideways and back passing we were used to.  If we can get a strong player who can play the ball well and be a bit more direct when it comes developing the play to the opposition goal and not like Dembele who is strong and talented and had great footwork but who desire is more in protecting the ball than assaulting the goal.

We have a million backs but mostly mediocre quality.  Aurier has desire and guts but is also reckless at times.  Trippier is stuck between PL and Championship quality.  Davies is frustrating at times.  When he has a good game its really good but then he becomes totally invisible  occasionally melding into the background when we need something from the only space we have at times on the wing.  Most want to see the back of Rose but I want to see Rose back where he was as one of our best players.  Maybe he was or is full of himself but he has shown he has been one of our best backs and that was before his injuries (the one on his leg and the other in his brain).  He is not fit even now.

Sanchez oh how I loved the kid when he came.  Got right into it.  Smooth operator.  Of course he had Toby on one side of his and Verts on the other.  Toby gets injured and the kids becomes a pinball wizard not…I saw him as a future legend. But right now he is stuck between at peace with the world and being paranoid about passing the ball as they come along with being occasionally a little reckless as well.  I still believe on this one though.

Verts got out of his blue period a year or two ago now he seems at his best. Capitain Verts  please!

Lamela, Dele, Moura, Eriksen and Kane.  Where is the room for Bale coming? Too many cooks but only a few chefs so far.

The DM position.  Well they both have their days don’t they?   So who do you pick?  I almost would pick Dembele to play the role if we can get a great CM to expand our game or the only other thing is Eriksen taking on the Modric role (I think he is still a year away from that).


So we need to upgrade.  We need to find other ways to get to goal apart from the counter. Better, more incise passing…getting the ball up quicker while still keeping a good amount of possession.  So we do need some more ball players.  Moura I hope will add to the mix but we need some more higher level players.  If Toby goes we need a younger head but also an older hand to cool it down when need be.

I am not completely happy with Poch.  His subs, his lack of options tactically have not given me the total belief I would like.  But his results do not lie.  I have thought at times it was a bit hodge podge, quite a few borefests that I wanted to run from.  But again the results don’t lie.

Can we build on it this season.  Can he learn?  It remains to be seen.  Can Levy change his spots, it too remains to be seen.  Can we flow a little better with more constancy to our actual play? (we can eke out results even if we are mediocre that’s something we never did before)

I hope if he has to over the next few weeks, Poch keeps bringing out the manifesto occasionally to remind Levy what we need.  Well will things really change?  Or is it manufactured hope?





-translated from the original Ronglish



McG’s McBloeug

Who do we keep, who do we sell, who to swap??!

Morning all, before we go any further, have a great bank holiday everyone!! These were my thoughts/hopes regarding this summer’s transfer activities…

My choices below are based solely on squad strength for next season, nothing more. I’ve no interest in depleting resale values, age, or whether I think this player is a better person off field than that. It’s simply down to how best we strengthen given our constraints.

I’ll start with one of my favourites; Dembele. For me he stays, no doubt in my mind whatsoever. I appreciate he’s ageing, that he may require wrapping in cotton wool, but the stats don’t lie. His average pass completion last season was 92.7%, phenomenal.  Mousa played vs Madrid, Juve, Man U, Liverpool, Goons & Chavs, big game player, one of our more experienced too. Until we find an adequate replacement, give him the three year extension (we can still sell in a season’s time if we decide) where’s the problem? This campaign he managed 2214 minutes having recovered from an ankle operation. Putting that into perspective; on average over the last six seasons, he’s managed 2300 mins per season. Why keep? It’s quite simple: are we stronger or weaker without him? For me, weaker. So until we find an adequate replacement, he stays. At 30 years of age, there’s still a few miles in the tank, he’s not quite a 35 year old Ya Ya yet.

Jugs (another of my fav’s). This is a tough tough call. In an ideal world I’d say keep without doubt! It’s not an ideal world, & we have to sell players to raise funds for new purchases. 40/50/60 mil for a 29 year old who won’t sign, how do we turn that down? Defensively, we’ve just had one of our best seasons for decades, mostly without his involvement. Previously I’ve enjoyed 3 at the back, but having sold Walker, & with Rose’s injury, I thought we were better playing a back 4, allowing for an additional attack minded player. Currently we have Verts, Sanchez, Dier, Davies & 4th that can play CB. One cheap replacement & utilise the proceeds to strengthen elsewhere would be my preference. My one stipulation for departure would be that we sell abroad. I’m loving Verts & I’m loving Sanchez btw!

Wanyama, keep, the guy was a monster before his injury. We wouldn’t get top dollar for him after last season, & again I couldn’t see us bringing in a stronger replacement for the money. When at his best, I prefer him to Dier at DM.

This one will no doubt raise a few eyebrows, but I’d have rid of Trippier. Yeah he can cross, but he doesn’t have the pace or ability to be a truly great player. Do I see us winning the prem or champions league with this guy in our side? No. Time & again I’ve watched him get skinned, Sane ripping him a new one last season was enough for me. Harsh, but we’d get good money to buy an upgrade.

What about Aurier??! I’d give him one more season on the bench & see if Poch can get a tune. We won’t get anywhere near the funds we’d receive for Tripps.

Coco (ol’ snake hips), another we should retain imho. Can’t see anyone paying a fair price given his recent injuries, & how do you upgrade without spending north of 50mil? I love his attitude & work rate, & have not forgotten the player we had just before this hipster  injury. I want quality options from the bench, a player capable of pushing for 1st team action, here he is.

Sissy, ta ta pal! I’m not a hater, his attitude has been decent, he puts in a shift, just not good enough, especially at 90k p/wk.

Llorente, again bye bye, nothing really needs saying. Nice guy, doesn’t suit our style of play…

Davies or Rose? I’d keep Rose & sell Davies, based purely on footballing ability (more raised eyebrows). Jose ain’t interested in Davies & there’s good reason for that. I hope Rose lives up to his word, knuckles down & works hard to regain his place, he’s a player.



Toby, Sissy, Trips, Davies, Llorente, NK-Done, Janssen.


Sessegnon, Kovacic (bed him in for a year, then move Dembele on), Martial, Evans & Vrsaljko.


Our 1st team squad would now look like:

GK: Hugo, Vorm, Gazza

Defence: Rose, Sessegnon, Verts, Sanchez, Evans, 4th, Vrsaljko, KWP, Aurier

Midfield: Dembele, Kovacic, Dier, Wanyama, Lamela, Eriksen, Alli, Son, Moura, Winks.

CF: King Kane & Martial.

That’s 24 players & would leave room for a couple of youngsters from the crappy academy.

If Levy were to sanction an additional 60/70 mil to player sales, I wouldn’t call this the impossible dream!!


So, that’s what I’d like to see happen, I’d be interested to hear what everyone else thinks & their hopes/aspirations for this coming window….

PS, If anyone disagrees with any of the above, they automatically incur a lifetime blog ban!!


PPS No, they won’t (Flat Oeuf)


Caspurs Debut Bloeug…and it’s a cracker

Is this the summer of our discontent/content?

Since the arrival of a certain Mr Botchmeister, we have had to witness the decline of our once great club, Chick King Hotspurs.  Where once we revelled in the security and comfort of our annual 5th placed finish and a Ropey league berth, we now find ourselves having to suffer the indignity of being consigned to the wastelands of the Champions League, and for a third straight year at that, pfft!

Back in the real world, Poch (yes it’s Poch, not Pooch!) has overseen the transformation of our club from one that seemed happy with its lot, content with finishing 5th or 6th each year, to one that aspires to achieve. There is a renewed pride, where we can see the players now play for both the manager and the club. Is it just me, dunno, but this latest transfer window has the feeling that it’s possibly the most important so far in the Pochmeister’s tenure?

Our resurgence has in large part been down to a core of players who have largely been ever present during Poch’s time, does the club need new (quality) blood to reinvigorate and help push the team onto greater heights?  Competition is fierce, and with our rivals seemingly getting their act together and spending large sums on players, where does that leave Spurs, raising the question, how important is this summer transfer window, and how should the club proceed regarding player acquisitions?

Have we reached a tipping point, where to move the club on our esteemed Monsieur Levy will have to break the habit of a lifetime, and relinquish his vice-like grip on the purse strings…is that even possible?  If Levy really wants to the club to join Europe’s elite, then I feel his propensity to negotiate the life and soul out of a deal needs to change, he needs to show that Spurs really value a potential target, and that isn’t achieved by continually submitting low ball offers, there is a time and a place to play hard ball, just recognise when and where is appropriate tizzall.

Personally I think we’ve reached a point where the club should be actively seeking to secure players who will improve the first team, and not as a means of merely supplementing the squad. Perhaps now it’s a case of less is more, i.e  quality over quantity? Whether that is achieved by pursuing a policy of scouting the best young talent (worldwide), or signing established stars, either way, now is the time to be proactive, and to not dither over the minutiae of every deal.

SpurAndy’s pffFFP bloeug

I’ve seen this reported this morning concerning the new FFP proposals, apparently called ‘Fair Play 2.0’. These are to be debated tomorrow I believe.

Essentially they bar clubs from exceeding a negative net spend limit of €100m per season, substantially impacting the transfer policy of the European Superclubs. In addition they also plan to limit the maximum squad size to 25 players which would majorly impact clubs like Chelski and Citeh from having huge volumes of youngsters on loan.

Difficult to see how UEFA can shoe horn this in without upsetting the super clubs big time and potentially bringing their breakaway from UEFA closer.

More deets here:

Martial? What on earth is all the fuss about?

From what I’ve seen, he routinely runs into dead-ends and blasts shots into Row Z.  His crossing is worse than Kyle’s was (at his worst).

Now, I’m fully aware that Mourinho is The Talent Destroyer™️.  He couldn’t be worse at developing young players if he tried, which he doesn’t.

So is Martial a confidence player who’s wilted under the challenge set to him by The Surly One?  If so, I’d say he might not have the minerals to make it in the big time, full stop.

He can dribble a bit and has good feet, but his decision-making has been poor when he’s got into dangerous positions.  Frankly, I’d rather see Lucas Moura given a lot more of an opportunity and save the cash.  And that’s not a sleight on Moura, I think he looks like he could be a gem.

Martial?  Not for me, fanks.



Hola Flat Oeufers

I trust you’ve got over the excitement?  It was quite a special day, wasn’t it?  Certainly one that will last long in my memory.  I’m talking of course about the long-awaited final commencement of the decline and fall of Jose ‘Chewing a Wasp’ Mourinho.  Well, we can hope anyway.

I thought it would be interesting over the coming months to kick off a series of Player Reviews…nothing too exacting necessarily, just a snapshot as to where we see a player in his current development, value and meaning to the team and, perhaps what the future holds.

So Harry Kane, HK10, Kaneinho, OneofOurOwn.

He’s bloody brilliant, eh?  You can’t fault him.  30 goals this season, an improvement on his 29 last year (although in 7 more games).  He scored 7 goals in the CL which, considering the opposition, is a great return.

Harry scored 0.81 goals per match as opposed to Salah’s 0.67.

His shooting accuracy was 41%, whereas Salah’s was 44%

But…..but……one Stat that really stood out for me is Assists:  2   (Salah had 11)

We all know a Striker has to have a selfish streak, but this is one area of his game that he needs to improve.  The sight of Dier (!) throwing his hands up as Kaneinho tried to Cruyff that Leicester defender instead of simply squaring the ball to a better placed teammate (there were others) was emblematic of something we’ve seen quite a few times this season…a tunnel vision that at times damages the team’s chances of scoring important goals.

As to the future for this ‘Spurs man through and through’, I believe we have at least 2 more seasons to start winning things before HK might start to consider whether he may have to move to fulfil all his ambitions.

But what do you think of him?  Am I being over-critical, or is this a flaw that needs ironing out?

FoF’s Guest Bloeug


An(nu)al Review
It’s that time of year again when we’re all checking into New Snow, desperately waiting for Poch’s pen to paper, confirmation on Kovacic, terrific news on Tobes. Before we all fall headlong into harm, I’d like to offer my assessment of the season, if only to delay the pain for a few minutes.
Wembley, bloody Wembley. Unmitigated disaster, they said. Will cost us a Champions League spot, they said. Cup final for every visiting team, they said. It’s a 16 hour walk from the nearest tube station, they said.
There’s no doubt that it had an effect, especially early doors, but we soon found our feet and it became a home from home. Or maybe a holiday home, like a timeshare you invested in because you got free tickets to Disneyworld, but then only used for the first few years and spent the next 23 years paying for the privilege.
Stats suggest we didn’t cope quite as well:
2016/17- Won 17, Drew 2, Lost 0, Goals for 47, Goals against 9, Points 53
2017/18- Won 13, Drew 4, Lost 2, Goals for 40, Goals against 16, Points 43
Quite a difference in fortunes, whether that is all down to the Wembley factor, or possibly our form/bedding in new players/injuries/form of other teams, I couldn’t honestly say. Maybe a bit of all of the above.
There wasn’t too much in it, comparing our away form:
2016/17- Won 9, Drew 6, Lost 4, Goals for 39, Goals against 17, Points 33
2017/18- Won 10, Drew 4, Lost 5, Goals for 34, Goals against 30, Points 34
So overall in the league, compared to last season, we were 9 points worse off, 12 goals scored down, and conceded 20 goals more.
Champions League though, eh chaps? Group of death. It’ll be an embarrassment. We’ll be lucky to finish 3rd.
No, we bloody well arrived.
Group stages:
2016/17- Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 3, Goals for 6, Goals against 6, Points 7
2017/18- Won 5, Drew 1, Lost 0, Goals for 15, Goals against 4, points 16
The dramatic improvement was all the more impressive, considering the opponents. 9 points better off, up 9 goals, conceded 2 goals less.
In the League Cup, we achieved the same in both seasons, losing to Liverpool in 16/17, and West Ham in 17/18. That West Ham defeat stung, for sure.
We fared better in the FA Cup, going out in the 5th round to Crystal Palace in 16/17, and losing to Manure in the 17/18 semi-final.
So what is my conclusion?
I’m relatively happy. There’s no doubt that we didn’t reach the same heights in the league as last year, but the CL more than made up for it, for me. Looking at the above stats, it’s clear that in the league we conceded too many goals. We went from the best defence, to the 3rd best defence. Kyle Walker, brainfarts and all, was for me a big loss, as was having Tobes missing for a good portion of the season. Love Sanchez, he’s got some mistakes in him, but I have no doubt he’ll prove to be one of the signings of the decade. It would have been nice to bed him in slowly rather than him being a near ever-present.
No trophies, of course (in case anyone hadn’t noticed), and I firmly believe that the losses to Juve and Manure really hurt Poch and the players. I think they believed they could win both the CL and the FA Cup, as did I, and I think this had an impact on our end of season form.
I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about the trophies, of course I do, we all want success for our club. But honestly, football for me is about moments and memories, and we’ve had our fair share of them this season.
Making the all conquering Liverpool look rather silly at Wembley.
Wanyama’s goal and the controversy around Kane’s penalty at the return game at Anfield (speshley the reaction from Pooh fans).
Winning at the Bridge for the first time in Tony Adams years.
Leicester game, meeting up with the guys beforehand, and me and Cas shaking each other quite vigorously when Kane scored the winner. I love a vigorous shake.
All the CL games, but especially that night at Wembley against Madrid, which I will cherish forever.

Interesting window shaping up

With the season barely just finished, obviously it’s far too early to start speculating on who might be leaving….but what the hell.

Reading some of the comments in the last 48 hrs (Poch and others), the summit with Uncle Joe and DL…I think it’s shaping up to be quite an exciting summer.

Some random guesses, based on the mood music:

Rose: Staying

Dembele: Leaving

Toby: Staying, maybe, after all?

Llorente: Leaving

If we get Toby and Rosey firing for next season, it’ll be like 2 new signings!


Levy has done things a little differently these last 2 windows:

  1.  €40m odd for a Centre Back?  Fakinel.
  2.  Spending some dough on a player we needed in January?  Cor.


I’m going to stick my neck out and say that I think we will have a decent +ve Net Spend this summer.  I know, I know…I’m deluded, right?

Well, we can always just jump out if it gets too much.