Sat Nav says Turn Letf…


So here we are, we’ve played two, won two and now find ourselves at the summit of our World Cup group, how very quare.

Tonight we go into our last game of the group stage against the mighty waffleites, and it’s winner takes, er, well all apparently. Both Engerland and Belgium find themselves in a position that can only be described as bizarre, whichever team tops the group by the end of play this evening will find themselves having the tougher route to the final. This just simply isn’t cricket!

All week we’ve heard from the players and managers of both camps claiming a win is imperative, whilst simultaneously justifying why neither will play their strongest teams. Speculation has been rife all week that both managers could make anything up to ten changes each for this eve’s veritable football extravaganza, this just confirms what I’ve always known, the plaudits of coming first are greatly exaggerated.

It’s at this point things start to take on a somewhat comical element, you first Sir, no please, you go first I insist, I couldn’t possibly, please be my guest, no no I insist, you first… If this scenario wasn’t strange enough in itself, we have the added ingredient of yellow cards accrued by each team, we’re currently winning this by one booking, or are we losing? Damned if I know.

So what type of game are we likely to witness this evening? Who knows. I can’t remember a scenario such as this before, where both teams are saying all the right things, yet appear to be doing their best to find a way to finish second in the group.

The build up to this game and the various permutations at play, could make this game an intriguing if not surreal affair, we’ll see this evening I guess.

COYS!! (the Belgium ones, no, er, wait, the English ones? Oh buggerit, I don’t know…

Dr Hugo Jekyll or Mr Lloris Hyde?


So here we are again, the football season is over and we find ourselves once again in the hall of mirrors reflecting on the heroes and villains of seasons past. So who is the man wearing the gloves? Dr Hugo Jekyll or Mr Lloris Hyde?

Over the course of the season we have seen Dr Hugo Jekyll perform miracles between the sticks, yet at other times we’ve found ourselves witnessing the maleficent antics of a certain Mr Lloris Hyde. Personally I think he’s equipped himself adequately this season, to say he’s been fantastic might be pushing the bounds of reality just a tad.

Our Hugo has been much maligned by a number of our fans, I’m not so sure he deserves all the criticism he receives. Yes he has been prone to poor judgement at times, occasionally believing he’s an outfield player (causing multiple panic attacks). I would probably say he’s been pretty consistent over the last couple of seasons, we have come to know what to expect, and prepare for.

Mostly we see the usual impeccable bed side manner of Dr Hugo Jekyll keeping our goal safe and healthy, but we all know somewhere inside the gloved man there is a battle raging, where on occasion the mischievous Mr Lloris Hyde prevails.

With all personalities considered, I feel we are in safer hands (pun intended) with our conflicted French ball handler in goal than not. It’s all too easy for some to focus on the mistakes he’s made, yes there have been a few, but he has kept us in more games, than he has lost for us.